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  1. Trendables™ - Elegant Plastic Dinnerware

    Written by Trendy Settings on February 26, 2020

    Every day a new company comes out selling their own unique line of plasticware. What is it that is compelling customers and event organizers to lean towards disposables over a classic set of China? Perhaps it is the product's versatility and convenience without compromising on style or stunning elegance. That is what sets our products apart from others. 

    Each product is not a flat entity, rather, it is made of multiple layers. Starting back at the very start of the product's creation is the attention to its detail and design. Whether it is a sleek reflective fork, or an intricate plate, each pattern has a soul and purpose to it. We have a variety of designs, catering to our diverse range of customers. No matter the style, each design is modern, yet timeless and sophisticated. Once our design is in place it is then sent to top of the line manufacturers to create the highest quality, food safe products. The final step is you. You choose what best suits your style, your event, and your dreams. 

    Whether you are planning your very own wedding, corporate event, Thanksgiving dinner, child’s birthday party or best friend’s bridal shower, you’ve found the place! 


    Disposable tableware at a wedding ceremony? Absolutely. 

    Being that our products are disposable, yet don’t compromise on design, they are perfect for any sort of elegant affair. 

    Planning a destination wedding and transporting dishes is too complicated? Hosting your rustic wedding ceremony on a farm but don't know how you will wash them? Too many guests expected and you don't know where to buy enough table settings without needing to take out a mortgage? We’ve got you covered. Whether you are going for a vintage inspired table (check out our Victorian Collection), a modern party look (check out our Stone Collection), or an exquisite party with just the right amount of class and color (check out our Glam Collection), there is something to make YOUR party just right. 

    Birthday Parties

    Birthday parties have been taken to new heights lately and seem to be all the rage, especially on social media. We all want to throw the best bash for our loved ones, but when it comes to table set up and decor things get a bit sticky. What do you do if all you have is table setting for 8, and the style doesn't go with the dainty floral theme your ten year old daughter wants? Do you buy new dishes and spend the after party cleaning whatever dishes were not broken by the pudgy hands? Or do you just buy paper plates and hope they won't look that terrible with the rest of the tablescape? 

    None of the above. 

    Our plates were made for people just like you, by people just like you. And we had in mind every party theme when we came up with our designs. Check out our Sparkle or Flora collection for your sparkly girl, or our aztec and geo designs for your adventurous son. Their next birthday party will be one that not only the kids will enjoy but you will enjoy too! Be there as your child unwraps their gifts, instead of starting the cleaning hassle and missing the highlight of their party!  

    Corporate Events, Holiday Dinners, Bridal Showers and More! 

    Every host wants to pull off an event that will wow their guests. Whether you are a hired party planner setting up a wedding, office manager preparing an annual event, a friend preparing a bachelorette party, or the grandma of a large family preparing a holiday dinner, we’ve got you covered!

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  2. Redefining Dinnerware - Meet Trendables™

    Written by Trendy Settings on February 26, 2020

    Ever since the late 19th century, when the first paper plate was invented, disposable tableware has been available to consumers in one form or another. From basic paper plates to eventual plastic formed plates, the disposable options mostly maintained their shared function of providing consumers with an alternative to traditional dishes.

    Fast forward to the 21st century, and a trend developed that saw the introduction of a variety of upscale dinnerware options to the market. Throw-away dishes that were designed to look like real china, changed the way disposables were perceived. Typically available in a variety of sizes, these upscale dishes brought the consumer an opportunity to host an elegant affair such as a wedding, engagement party, or other upscale event, without the need to purchase hundreds of real dishes.

    The benefits of such dishes were not lost on the marketplace and before long a number of producers were manufacturing products to meet this demand. There was one problem however - the matching sets of small plastic plates, large plates, and plastic bowls, became a bit redundant and boring. Imagine wearing a red shirt, red pants, red socks, a red hat, and red glasses. Now imagine doing that over and over again. This was what the world of disposables was like - until recently!

    Enter Trendables! Offering trendy disposables for the chic consumer, Trendables dishes redefined the way people dine and party. Developing the concept of coordinating tableware, in place of matching tableware, Trendables is very quickly becoming the premier option for party planners, caterers, event organizers, and hosts and hostesses looking for something more.

    Available in a variety of coordinating chic designs, the line of trendy disposable dinnerware is a must-have for any upscale trendy event. Perfect for gatherings small and large, Trendables™ has options that'll give your party the perfect party planner look at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

    Here on you can to view the full line of Trendables disposable tableware, as well as coordinating flatware, barware, and more! 

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